water heater problems

Water Heater Problems  – Recognizing and Fixing


by JJ.Abraham

water heater problems

water heater problems

Water Heater Problems : The water heater is known as one of the most expensive component of a house. It can be the most expensive component of plumbing. Sometimes, the households find the water heater problems that they need to fix. Most of the problems of the water heater are recognizable and also easy to be fixed. The common problems that often happen are the water is not hot enough, the water is too cold of too hot, the tank makes noises and the water is smelly. There are several other problems that appear on the water heater anmost of them are fixable.

The first thing that will be needed in order to fix the problems on the water heater is to understand or knowing the root of the problems. The water heater is known as a quite simple device that will be easy to be understood. Basically, the water heater takes 30 to 60 gallon of water and holding it in the tank with the outlet of hot water and also a drain valve. Inside of the water heater, there is a dip tube that will guide the income of cold water, a heating element and an anode and sacrificial rod in order to help prevent the corrosion inside of a tank.

The water heater that has problems will need to be fixed once the main problem has been discovered. In fixing the water heater problems, the first thing needed is to drain the water tank first. Start with turning off the water heater and give some time for the water to cool down. Next is to close the water intake and attach the hose into the drain valve near the bottom of the water tank. Make sure that somewhere in the house and allow the water to get into the tank while it is also draining. After the water tank being dried, the repair process may start.

Draining water tank is not stopping just by the process mentioned above; there are several other steps that must be followed. After the tank being drained, it is recommended to fill half of the tank again with the cold water and then drain the tank again to flush out all of sediment and also the crud built inside of the water tank. This process must be repeated for several times in order to make the tank clean and clear. It is recommended to clean the tank for at least once in a year and it is recommended by all manufacturers of water heater because the process will help in eliminating problems of water heater.

There are two water heater problems that often occur.

The first one is the temperature of water and the second one is the noises from the tank. Â For the problem with temperature of the water, the gas thermocouple or known as the heating element much be checked whether it is working or not. If it is not working, you will be able to replace it with the new one that will be working very well. The temperature problem might be caused by the thermostat being changed. If this is what happens, simply raising or lowering the temperature will get the function of water heater normal.

The second problem that often occurs is the problem with the noises that often come out from inside of the tank. If this happens, there will be two possibilities that might be happening inside of the water tank. In the first possibility, the noises of the tank are caused by the sediment build up that formed inside of the tank and the element of heating is burning the sediment literally. The second possibility is the noise is a warning for the owner of the water heater to replace the element of heating on the tank because it is slowly burning out.

If the possibility that happens is the first possibility, it is recommended to clean up the tank by doing the process of draining the tank for several times until the owner of the water tank is sure that the water tank is clean from the sediment. If the possibility happens is the first possibility, changing the element of heating is the only way to solve the water heater problems. There is one other problem that may also occur, It is when the water tank leaking. When this problem happens, the one and only way is to replace the water tank with the new one and there is no compromise to this problem.

The water heater will spend its life being unnoticed until it somehow stop working properly and that mean a problem has occurred. It is highly recommended to give a little time for the maintenance so that the water heater able to live longer and will definitely help you to save some money.

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